Windsor Racecourse

5:30 Windsor
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Vexed silkVexed
Mr Zoom Zoom silkMr Zoom Zoom
Natty Night silkNatty Night
Sky Cross silkSky Cross
Gold Fleece silkGold Fleece
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6:00 Windsor
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Theory Of Time silkTheory Of Time
Love Love silkLove Love
Fashion Free silkFashion Free
Star In The Making silkStar In The Making
Rosadora silkRosadora
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6:30 Windsor
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The Tin Man silkThe Tin Man
Dream Of Dreams silkDream Of Dreams
Glorious Journey silkGlorious Journey
Foxtrot Lady silkFoxtrot Lady
Spring Loaded silkSpring Loaded
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Windsor Racecourse is also known Royal Windsor Racecourse. The course is one of only two figure of eight courses that are in the United Kingdom (the other one is at Fontwell Park). Although the course formally ceased hosted national hunt jump racing in 1998 to solely host flat racing it still does occasionally  hold some national hunt races, most notably when nearby Ascot was being refurbished.

The course holds around 26 flat racings that runs through from April to October. The standout races here are the Royal Windsor Stakes which is listed race held in May and the Winter Hill Stakes that is run annually in August.

For races that are over 5 and 6 furlongs high numbers have the advantage when the ground is fast, when the ground is soft lower numbers do better.

Address: The Racecourse, Windsor, Berks, SL4 5JJ.

Flat: Windsor is laid out in a figure 8 pattern and is 12 1/2 furlongs in extent. There is an almost straight sprint course whilst longer races are started opposite the Stands on the far side. The track is flat and sharp in nature.

Jumps: A figure of eight pattern, the larger hoop containing seven fences and the lower loop two fences. Three mile chases take in almost two circuits. The track is flat and sharp in nature.

Road: On A308 Maidenhead road N of town. M4(Jctn6)  Parking: Club car park ¬£6.00, Silver Ring car park ¬£8.00, Public car park FREE, Coach parking FREE
Rail: 2m, Windsor and Eton Riverside Stn (from London Waterloo) or Windsor and Eton Central Stn (from London Paddington)

Past Results
DateRacesMeeting Result
13/05/20195:205:506:206:507:207:508:20All Results
06/05/20192:002:353:103:454:204:555:30All Results
29/04/20194:555:256:006:307:007:308:00All Results
15/04/20192:002:303:003:304:004:305:00All Results
08/04/20192:202:503:203:504:204:505:20All Results
22/10/20181:402:102:403:103:404:104:405:10All Results
08/10/20181:251:552:253:003:304:004:355:05All Results
03/09/20183:554:254:555:306:006:307:007:30All Results
25/08/20184:455:155:456:156:457:157:45All Results
20/08/20185:306:006:307:007:308:00All Results
13/08/20185:306:006:307:007:308:00All Results
12/08/20182:152:503:254:004:355:055:406:10All Results
06/08/20185:306:006:307:007:308:008:30All Results
30/07/20185:356:056:407:157:508:20All Results
23/07/20185:406:106:407:107:408:108:40All Results
16/07/20185:506:206:507:207:508:208:50All Results
09/07/20185:406:106:407:107:408:108:40All Results
02/07/20186:006:307:007:308:008:309:00All Results
01/07/20181:502:253:003:354:104:455:20All Results
30/06/20181:502:253:003:354:104:455:20All Results
25/06/20186:106:407:107:408:108:409:10All Results
18/06/20186:006:307:007:308:008:309:00All Results
11/06/20185:506:206:507:207:508:208:50All Results
04/06/20185:456:156:457:157:458:158:45All Results
21/05/20186:156:457:157:458:158:45All Results
14/05/20185:205:506:206:507:207:508:20All Results
07/05/20182:002:353:103:454:204:555:306:05All Results
30/04/20185:105:406:106:407:107:408:10All Results
23/04/20184:505:205:506:206:507:207:50All Results
16/04/20182:503:203:504:505:25All Results
23/10/20171:402:102:403:103:404:104:405:10All Results
16/10/20172:002:303:003:304:004:305:005:30All Results
09/10/20172:152:453:153:454:154:455:155:45All Results
04/09/20171:502:202:503:203:504:204:505:20All Results
26/08/20175:105:406:106:407:107:40All Results
21/08/20175:205:506:206:507:207:50All Results
14/08/20175:406:106:407:107:408:10All Results
13/08/20172:252:553:254:004:355:055:35All Results
07/08/20175:105:456:156:457:157:458:15All Results
31/07/20175:356:056:407:157:508:20All Results
24/07/20176:156:457:157:458:158:45All Results
17/07/20175:506:206:507:207:508:20All Results
10/07/20176:057:057:358:058:359:05All Results
03/07/20176:006:307:007:308:009:00All Results
02/07/20172:102:403:103:404:154:455:20All Results
01/07/20172:102:453:203:554:255:005:35All Results
26/06/20176:206:507:207:508:208:50All Results
19/06/20175:456:156:457:157:458:158:45All Results
12/06/20176:006:307:007:308:008:309:00All Results
05/06/20175:406:106:407:107:408:108:40All Results
29/05/20171:452:202:553:304:054:405:155:50All Results
22/05/20175:556:256:557:257:558:25All Results
15/05/20175:205:506:206:50All Results
08/05/20175:506:206:507:207:508:20All Results
01/05/20172:002:353:103:454:204:555:30All Results
24/04/20174:455:155:456:156:457:157:45All Results
10/04/20172:002:303:003:304:004:305:005:30All Results