Salisbury Racecourse

The course is based in the stunning Wiltshire countryside just 3 miles away from the town of Netherhampton and it has been staging races since 1899. The course is right handed flat racing course that is quite similar to the track at Goodwood.

The course holds 15 race meetings from May to October each year. Highlights of the racing calendar here are the Cathedral Stakes held in June which is a listed races as well as the group 3 race the Sovereign Stakes which is held annually in August.

In the draw stall advantage it is favourable to go for low numbers who have an advantage in sprints when the going is soft.

The course was the setting for the debut race of Lester Piggott who when aged just 12 rode in an apprentice jockeys race where he weigh

Richard Hughes and Ryan Moore are the top two jockeys who frequent this course.

Address: Salisbury Racecourse, Netherhampton, Salisbury, Wilts, SP2 8PN

Flat: Salisbury is a straight track on which all races up to a mile are run. Longer races start opposite the Stands and, via a loop, return to the straight course beyond the six furlong start.

Road: 3m SW of city off A3094 at Netherhampton.  Parking: Free
Rail: 3m, Salisbury Stn (London Waterloo-Exeter line). Bus to course.

Past Results
DateRacesMeeting Result
16/05/20191:402:102:453:203:554:254:555:25All Results
02/05/20194:555:255:556:307:057:358:10All Results
28/04/20192:002:303:003:354:054:405:105:40All Results
03/10/20181:402:102:453:153:504:204:555:25All Results
14/09/20183:304:004:355:055:406:106:407:10All Results
06/09/20181:502:202:503:203:504:204:505:20All Results
24/08/20185:155:506:256:557:257:55All Results
16/08/20182:102:403:103:404:104:405:10All Results
15/08/20182:102:403:103:404:104:40All Results
28/07/20185:155:456:156:457:157:458:15All Results
14/07/20185:456:156:457:157:458:158:45All Results
27/06/20182:102:403:103:404:104:405:10All Results
17/06/20182:252:553:253:554:254:555:25All Results
12/06/20182:002:303:003:304:004:305:005:30All Results
26/05/20185:506:206:507:207:508:20All Results
17/05/20182:102:403:153:504:254:555:256:00All Results
30/04/20182:002:303:053:404:154:455:15All Results
29/04/20182:002:303:053:404:154:455:20All Results
09/10/20172:052:353:053:354:054:355:05All Results
04/10/20172:002:303:053:354:104:40All Results
15/09/20174:255:005:306:357:05All Results
07/09/20171:502:202:503:203:504:204:505:20All Results
25/08/20175:155:506:206:557:257:55All Results
17/08/20171:502:202:503:203:504:204:505:25All Results
16/08/20171:502:202:503:203:504:204:50All Results
07/08/20172:002:303:003:304:004:305:005:35All Results
29/07/20175:155:456:457:157:458:15All Results
15/07/20175:506:206:507:207:508:208:50All Results
28/06/20172:102:403:103:404:104:405:10All Results
18/06/20172:152:453:153:454:154:455:15All Results
13/06/20172:002:303:003:304:004:305:005:30All Results
27/05/20175:456:156:457:157:458:15All Results
18/05/20171:402:102:453:203:554:254:555:25All Results
30/04/20172:002:303:003:304:004:305:005:30All Results