Ripon Racecourse

The course in Ripon has hosted racing events for over 300 years and due to its picturesque setting in the Yorkshire Dales it is often referred to as the Garden Racecourse. The course is an oval used for flat racing that is right handed oval of 1 mile and 5 furlongs with a 5 furlong finishing straight with a 6 furlong chute.

The course holds 15 race meetings per year running from April to September. The principal meeting that is held here is the William Hill Great St Wilfrid which is a heritage handicap, this is held in August which is one of the leading sprints of the season. Another race to keep an eye on is the DBS St Leger Yearling Stakes which is held in August.

During sprint races lower numbers are given an advantage unless the going is heavy or soft. The round course favours front runners but this is such an open secret that it can create a pack that strives to lead causing a very fast pace.

Address: Boroughbridge Road, Ripon, N Yorks, HG4 1UG.

Flat: Ripon is a right-handed oval of one mile and three quarters. It is flat with a slight dip a furlong out. The six furlongs is perfectly straight.

Road: 2m SE of town on B6265 Boroughbridge road.  Parking: Free
Rail: 11m, Harrogate Stn (Leeds - York line) and Thirsk Stn (York-Darlington line). Bus to Ripon.

Past Results
DateRacesMeeting Result
19/05/20192:002:353:103:454:204:555:306:00All Results
10/05/20196:006:307:007:308:008:30All Results
27/04/20191:452:202:553:304:004:355:05All Results
18/04/20192:152:503:254:004:355:105:45All Results
29/09/20181:552:303:053:354:104:455:20All Results
28/08/20181:552:303:003:354:054:355:05All Results
27/08/20182:152:503:254:004:355:105:45All Results
18/08/20181:302:052:403:153:504:255:00All Results
13/08/20181:502:202:553:253:554:30All Results
06/08/20182:002:303:003:304:004:305:00All Results
21/07/20182:202:553:304:054:405:155:50All Results
16/07/20182:152:453:203:504:204:555:25All Results
09/07/20186:307:007:308:008:309:00All Results
21/06/20182:102:453:203:554:355:105:40All Results
20/06/20186:507:207:508:208:509:20All Results
07/06/20182:102:403:103:404:104:405:10All Results
30/05/20186:357:057:408:108:409:10All Results
20/05/20181:502:202:553:304:004:305:00All Results
11/05/20185:506:256:557:308:008:35All Results
28/04/20181:452:202:553:304:004:355:05All Results
19/04/20182:153:254:004:355:105:456:15All Results
30/09/20172:002:353:103:454:204:555:30All Results
04/09/20172:102:403:103:404:104:40All Results
29/08/20172:152:503:254:004:305:005:30All Results
28/08/20172:102:453:203:554:305:055:35All Results
19/08/20172:052:403:153:504:255:005:35All Results
14/08/20172:002:303:003:304:004:30All Results
07/08/20172:152:453:153:454:154:455:15All Results
22/07/20172:202:553:304:054:405:155:50All Results
10/07/20176:457:157:458:158:459:15All Results
22/06/20172:102:453:203:554:355:105:45All Results
21/06/20176:507:207:508:509:20All Results
08/06/20172:002:303:003:304:004:305:00All Results
07/06/20176:357:057:358:058:359:05All Results
21/05/20172:002:353:103:404:104:405:10All Results
12/05/20176:006:307:057:408:158:45All Results
29/04/20172:102:453:203:554:305:055:40All Results
20/04/20172:152:503:254:004:305:055:356:05All Results