Newbury Racecourse

Set in the Berkshire countryside the racecourse is one of the finest in the country and it is used for flat racing and national hunt events as well as conferences using its state of art facilities. 

The racecourse hosts over 25 race meetings annually which include the Lockinge Stakes which is of the of the 31 group 1 flat races in Great Britain. Other key flat races include the Hungerford Stakes and the Mill Reef Stakes. For national hunt events the key race meeting is the two day Winter Festival which features the Hennessy Gold Cup and it is held in late November or early December.

As well as having its own 18 hole golf course as this is one of the top horse racing circuits in the United Kingdom it is served by its own railway station and even has a airfield in the centre of the course that can accommodate light aircraft.

The racecourse also has started a Party in the Paddock concert series to accompany race meetings in which has seen headlined acts such as Westlife and Simply Red.

There is a draw stall advantage on the straight course low numbers in a big field will struggle, look for numbers above 15 and ignore single figures in races of a up to a mile.

Address: The Racecourse, Newbury, Berks, RG14 7NZ.

Flat: Newbury is a left-handed oval circuit of about 1 mile 7 furlongs. There are also 1 mile and 7 furlong starts from chutes. All join the 1 mile straight course 5 furlongs from the finish.

Jumps: Left-hand, oval circuit of just over one mile and three- quarters. Stiff fences - eleven per circuit, four in straight. Run-in 255 yards.

Road: E of town off the A34 (M4 Jctn 13). A34 North of Newbury at the Chieveley (M4) roundabout, lane width restrictions. Traffic always heavy so allow plenty of time. A343 Andover Road is closed at Chalk Pit Road, diversions are posted, best to avoid area.  Parking: Coach & Car Parking free (except picnic area).Premier parking £15.00.
Rail: Newbury Racecourse Station.
Air: Please check for availability. Light Aircraft and Helicopter landing facilities.

Past Results
DateRacesMeeting Result
18/05/20191:502:253:003:404:154:505:25All Results
17/05/20191:352:102:453:203:554:254:555:30All Results
13/04/20191:402:102:403:153:504:255:005:35All Results
12/04/20192:002:353:053:404:104:455:205:50All Results
23/03/20192:052:403:153:504:255:005:35All Results
22/03/20191:452:202:503:254:004:305:055:35All Results
02/03/20191:302:052:403:103:454:154:50All Results
01/03/20191:452:202:503:253:554:305:00All Results
16/01/20191:101:402:152:503:203:50All Results
29/12/201812:0512:401:151:502:253:003:35All Results
19/12/201812:301:051:402:152:453:153:45All Results
01/12/201812:1012:451:201:502:253:003:35All Results
30/11/201812:1012:451:201:502:253:003:35All Results
08/11/201812:401:151:502:252:553:304:00All Results
27/10/20181:101:402:202:503:203:554:305:05All Results
26/10/20181:101:402:152:503:254:004:355:10All Results
22/09/20181:151:452:202:553:304:054:405:15All Results
21/09/20181:101:452:202:503:253:554:305:05All Results
18/08/20181:502:253:003:354:104:405:15All Results
17/08/20181:201:502:252:553:304:004:355:10All Results
07/08/20181:452:202:503:253:554:305:00All Results
26/07/20185:356:106:407:157:458:208:50All Results
21/07/20181:502:253:003:354:104:455:20All Results
20/07/20182:002:303:053:354:104:405:10All Results
12/07/20185:506:256:557:308:008:359:05All Results
05/07/20185:406:156:457:157:508:258:55All Results
26/06/20186:106:407:107:408:108:459:15All Results
14/06/20181:201:502:202:553:304:004:355:10All Results
19/05/20181:502:253:003:404:154:505:25All Results
18/05/20181:302:353:053:404:154:455:20All Results
21/04/20181:252:002:353:103:454:204:555:30All Results
20/04/20181:502:253:003:354:054:355:05All Results
24/03/20182:052:403:153:504:255:005:35All Results
23/03/20182:002:303:053:404:104:45All Results
10/02/20181:151:502:253:003:354:104:40All Results
17/01/20181:201:502:253:003:304:05All Results
30/12/201712:0512:401:151:502:253:003:35All Results
20/12/201712:301:001:302:052:403:153:45All Results
02/12/201712:1012:451:201:502:253:003:35All Results
01/12/201712:2012:501:201:502:253:003:35All Results
09/11/201712:401:101:402:102:453:203:55All Results
28/10/20171:101:402:152:503:203:554:305:05All Results
27/10/20171:101:402:503:254:004:355:10All Results
23/09/20171:151:452:152:503:254:004:355:05All Results
22/09/20171:201:502:252:553:304:004:355:05All Results
19/08/20171:201:502:253:003:354:054:405:15All Results
18/08/20171:402:102:403:103:454:204:505:25All Results
27/07/20175:306:006:307:057:358:058:40All Results
22/07/20171:503:003:354:104:455:20All Results
21/07/20171:402:102:403:504:254:555:25All Results
13/07/20175:205:556:307:057:358:058:40All Results
06/07/20175:556:257:007:308:058:359:05All Results
29/06/20175:506:206:507:258:008:309:00All Results
15/06/20171:302:002:303:053:404:154:505:20All Results
20/05/20171:502:202:553:304:054:405:10All Results
19/05/20171:302:002:353:053:404:154:455:20All Results
22/04/20171:552:303:053:404:154:455:205:55All Results
21/04/20172:002:303:053:404:104:405:105:40All Results
25/03/20171:502:253:003:354:104:455:20All Results
24/03/20172:002:303:053:404:104:45All Results
04/03/20171:302:052:403:153:504:255:00All Results
03/03/20172:102:403:153:504:204:555:25All Results
11/02/20171:151:502:253:003:354:104:45All Results
18/01/20171:151:502:202:553:253:55All Results