Ludlow Racecourse

4:25 Ludlow
G.C. Rickards Ltd Handicap…
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4:55 Ludlow
End Of Season Conditional Jockeys'…
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Ludlow is another course along with┬áKelso racecourse that advertises itself as Britain’s Friendliest Racecourse. The national hunt course is a right-handed course that is located in the sleepy market town of Ludlow which is near the picturesque Welsh border.

The racecourse holds 16 race meetings a year, highlights of which are the Forbra Gold Challenge Cup which is a handicap chase held in March and the Attwood Memorial Trophy Handicap Chase which is held in February.

One of the unusual characteristics of the course is that a road interrupts the course on three separate occasions which means traffic needs to be diverted when horse racing occurs. This is as well as having a full blown golf course, Ludlow Golf Club is a full 18 course golf course that it located within the centre of the track which is one of the oldest clubs in Shropshire, it was originally founded in 1889.

Address: Ludlow Racecourse, Bromfield, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 2BT.

Jumps: Right-handed, oval shaped course of about one and a half miles with a separate hurdles course. Chase course is flat; hurdles course undulates. Both have a run-in of about 400 yards.

Road: 2m NW of town off A49 Shrewsbury road. N.B Roadworks on Ludlow by-pass may cause delays.  Parking: Free
Rail: 2m, Ludlow Stn (Hereford-Shrewsbury line).

Past Results
DateRacesMeeting Result
20/05/20192:202:553:253:55All Results
12/05/20191:552:303:053:404:154:505:25All Results
23/04/20191:502:252:553:253:554:255:00All Results
01/04/20192:152:503:203:554:255:005:30All Results
21/03/20192:303:003:354:104:455:155:50All Results
28/02/20191:502:253:003:354:104:455:15All Results
20/02/20191:201:502:253:003:354:104:405:10All Results
06/02/20191:402:102:453:153:454:204:50All Results
28/01/20191:452:202:553:254:004:30All Results
17/01/201912:401:101:452:152:503:254:00All Results
03/01/201912:401:151:452:152:503:25All Results
19/12/201812:2012:551:252:002:353:053:35All Results
05/12/201812:1012:401:101:452:152:503:20All Results
26/11/201812:301:051:402:152:453:203:50All Results
15/11/20181:201:502:252:553:304:00All Results
25/10/20182:102:453:203:504:255:00All Results
10/10/20182:102:403:103:404:104:405:15All Results
13/05/20182:002:303:053:354:104:405:10All Results
08/05/20185:306:006:307:007:308:008:30All Results
09/04/20182:503:253:554:305:055:35All Results
22/03/20182:303:003:354:104:455:155:50All Results
21/02/20181:502:253:003:304:054:405:10All Results
18/01/20181:001:302:002:353:103:454:20All Results
10/01/201812:501:201:552:253:003:354:05All Results
03/01/20181:201:502:202:503:203:50All Results
20/12/201712:2012:501:201:552:303:053:35All Results
06/12/201712:301:001:302:052:353:103:40All Results
27/11/201712:351:051:402:152:453:203:50All Results
16/11/20171:251:552:253:003:304:00All Results
09/11/20171:201:502:202:553:304:05All Results
26/10/20171:552:303:003:354:054:35All Results
11/10/20171:552:253:003:304:004:355:10All Results
14/05/20172:002:303:003:304:004:305:00All Results
25/04/20172:002:353:053:354:104:405:10All Results
18/04/20175:005:306:006:307:007:308:00All Results
03/04/20172:002:303:003:304:004:305:005:30All Results
23/03/20172:303:053:404:104:405:155:45All Results
02/03/20172:202:503:254:004:355:055:35All Results
22/02/20172:002:353:053:354:104:455:20All Results
08/02/20171:402:102:403:103:404:154:50All Results
25/01/20171:452:152:503:254:004:30All Results
19/01/20171:201:502:253:003:354:10All Results