Leicester Racecourse

6:15 Leicester
British Stallion Studs EBF…
Regular silkRegular
Dubai Ice silkDubai Ice
King Shamardal silkKing Shamardal
Shawaaheq silkShawaaheq
Attorney General silkAttorney General
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6:45 Leicester
James Ward Selling Stakes (5)…
Clayton silkClayton
Eye Of The Storm silkEye Of The Storm
Brinkleys Katie silkBrinkleys Katie
Nabhan silkNabhan
Ishallak silkIshallak
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7:15 Leicester
J.F. Herring Handicap (0-80)…
Casement silkCasement
Geetanjali silkGeetanjali
Meagher's Flag silkMeagher's Flag
Billy Roberts silkBilly Roberts
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ManolithLeicester - 7:45
Babbo's BoyLeicester - 8:45
Babbo's BoyLeicester - 8:45
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Odds correct as of 20th May, 11:50. Odds subject to change.

The course is based in the small town of Oadby in Leicestershire and has held racing events since 1773.  It plays host to both national hunt and flat racing on its right handed oval shaped two mile track which has a run in of four and half furlongs. The final three furlongs can prove to be a tough test on a horses stamina as the field gradually climbs.

The course hosts over 30 horse racing meetings throughout the year, one of the more notable meetings held here is the Leicestershire Stakes which is listed event.

Several of the leading flat trainers including Sir Michael Stoute will use this course to debut their best two years olds and trainers Mark Johnson and John Dunlop do well as do jockeys Jamie Spencer and Ted Durcan.

High numbers do particularly well here on straight races, in large fields of 20 or more runners go for horses that are drawn above 11.

Address: The Racecourse, Leicester, LE2 4AL.

Flat: Leicester is a right-hand oval course of 1 mile 5 furlongs. There is also a straight for races up to a mile. Both rise gradually for the last 2 furlongs with the finish on the level.

Jumps: Leicester is a right-hand, rectangular circuit of about one and three quarters of a mile with ten fences and a run-in of around 250 yards. Course downhill far side with a stiff climb in the home straight.

Road: 2 1/2m SE of city (signs to Oadby) off A6 Market Harborough Road. Leave M1(Jctn21, with M69) and follow A563 outer ring road  Parking: Picnic car park: £35 based on max of four adults. (Feature fixtures) £45. (Summer midweek) £35. (Bonanza Saturday) £60. (Christmas Family) £35.
Rail: 2 1/2m SE of city (signs to Oadby) off A6 Market Harborough Road. Leave M1(Jctn21, with M69) and follow A563 outer ring road

Past Results
DateRacesMeeting Result
27/04/20191:402:152:453:253:554:305:005:35All Results
05/04/20192:002:303:053:404:154:505:255:55All Results
08/03/20191:502:202:503:254:004:30All Results
26/02/20192:002:303:003:304:004:30All Results
14/02/20191:452:152:503:254:004:30All Results
22/01/20191:101:402:102:403:103:404:15All Results
10/01/201912:351:101:452:202:553:25All Results
28/12/201812:501:251:552:303:053:40All Results
12/12/20181:001:302:002:303:003:30All Results
06/12/201812:351:101:402:152:453:20All Results
02/12/201812:451:151:452:202:503:05All Results
29/10/201812:1512:451:201:552:303:053:404:15All Results
16/10/20182:002:303:053:354:054:405:105:40All Results
09/10/20182:152:503:203:504:254:555:306:00All Results
24/09/20182:202:503:203:504:204:505:205:50All Results
11/09/20182:102:403:153:454:204:505:25All Results
04/09/20184:555:255:556:256:557:25All Results
20/08/20182:202:503:203:504:204:50All Results
12/08/20182:002:353:103:454:204:505:25All Results
01/08/20186:056:357:107:458:158:45All Results
25/07/20185:306:006:307:057:408:108:40All Results
19/07/20182:202:503:203:504:204:505:25All Results
07/07/20181:502:253:003:354:104:405:10All Results
28/06/20185:406:106:407:157:508:208:50All Results
16/06/20186:106:407:107:408:108:409:10All Results
04/06/20182:102:403:103:404:104:405:105:40All Results
29/05/20181:502:202:503:203:504:204:50All Results
21/05/20186:006:307:007:308:008:30All Results
28/04/20181:402:152:453:203:554:305:00All Results
09/03/20182:102:403:153:504:204:55All Results
15/02/20181:402:152:453:203:554:30All Results
31/01/20181:151:452:152:503:253:55All Results
23/01/20181:001:302:052:403:153:504:20All Results
11/01/201812:451:151:452:202:503:25All Results
07/12/201712:401:101:452:152:503:25All Results
03/12/201712:401:101:452:152:503:20All Results
20/11/201712:501:201:502:202:503:203:50All Results
30/10/201712:1512:451:201:552:303:053:404:10All Results
17/10/20172:002:303:003:304:004:305:005:30All Results
10/10/20171:502:202:553:253:554:305:005:30All Results
25/09/20172:002:353:053:404:154:455:155:45All Results
12/09/20172:252:553:253:554:255:255:55All Results
13/08/20172:102:403:103:454:204:505:20All Results
08/08/20172:002:303:003:304:004:30All Results
02/08/20175:556:307:057:408:108:40All Results
26/07/20175:456:157:207:508:208:50All Results
20/07/20172:102:453:153:504:204:555:30All Results
08/07/20171:251:552:303:053:404:154:455:15All Results
27/06/20176:106:407:107:408:108:459:15All Results
17/06/20176:106:407:107:408:108:409:10All Results
05/06/20172:202:503:203:504:204:555:256:00All Results
30/05/20171:502:202:503:203:504:204:505:20All Results
29/05/20172:052:403:153:504:255:005:35All Results
22/05/20176:056:357:057:358:058:35All Results
09/05/20176:006:307:007:308:008:30All Results
29/04/20172:202:553:304:054:405:105:45All Results
07/04/20172:002:303:053:404:154:505:25All Results
10/03/20172:202:553:304:054:405:10All Results
28/02/20172:102:403:103:404:104:40All Results
16/02/20172:052:353:103:454:204:50All Results
01/02/20172:102:403:103:404:104:40All Results
24/01/20171:201:502:202:503:203:504:20All Results
12/01/201712:351:051:352:102:403:103:40All Results