Ffos Las Racecourse

Ffos Las Racecourse is one of the few racecourses that is based in Wales and suitably for the area it was built on the site of an open cast coal mine when the pit was closed down. Situated between the towns of Llanelli and Carmarthen the racecourse has was only completed in 2009 and became the first new national hunt racecourse that was built in the United Kingdom for over 80 years at a cost of £20 million.

There are 29 race meetings held at this course which are a mixture of flat and jump horse racing, with at least two per month. The most notable race at this course is the William Hill Welsh Champion Hurdle which is held in February.

The racetrack is oval and 12 furlongs in length and very flat, there is no draw stall advantage at this track.

The top jockeys as this new track are Joe Fanning and Tadhg O´Shea with the top trainers being Mark Johnston and David Simcock.

Address: Trimsaran, Carmarthenshire, SA17 4DE

Road: From the east: take Junction 48 (M4) joining the A4138 to Llanelli and follow brown signs; From the west – follow A40 to Carmarthen, then A484 to Llanelli and follow brown signs; From Cross Hands – take A476 towards Llanelli and follow brown signs  Parking: Free
Rail: Llanelli (9 miles), Kidwelly (5 miles), Carmarthen (15 miles)
Air: Helicopter landing facilities, by arrangement.

Past Results
DateRacesMeeting Result
14/05/20195:306:006:307:007:308:008:30All Results
21/04/20192:152:453:153:454:204:55All Results
07/04/20192:002:303:053:404:104:455:15All Results
26/02/20192:102:403:103:404:104:40All Results
14/01/20191:302:052:353:053:404:15All Results
17/12/201812:401:101:452:152:503:203:50All Results
23/11/201812:351:101:402:152:503:25All Results
11/11/201812:551:252:002:303:053:354:10All Results
20/10/20181:352:102:453:203:554:254:555:30All Results
16/09/20181:502:202:553:304:054:405:155:50All Results
13/09/20182:152:503:253:555:005:35All Results
05/09/20184:305:005:306:006:307:007:35All Results
03/09/20182:152:453:153:454:154:455:15All Results
24/08/20181:452:152:503:254:004:305:00All Results
14/08/20182:152:453:153:454:154:455:15All Results
02/08/20185:306:056:407:157:458:158:45All Results
24/07/20182:002:303:053:354:104:405:10All Results
13/07/20186:006:307:057:358:058:40All Results
21/06/20186:106:407:157:458:158:459:15All Results
31/05/20186:006:307:007:308:008:309:00All Results
26/05/20186:056:357:057:358:058:359:05All Results
15/04/20182:052:403:103:454:204:505:20All Results
01/04/20182:553:254:004:355:10All Results
18/02/20182:303:053:354:104:405:10All Results
18/12/201712:301:001:302:052:403:153:45All Results
24/11/20171:101:402:152:503:254:00All Results
12/11/20171:001:302:002:303:053:404:10All Results
21/10/20172:102:453:203:554:255:005:35All Results
17/09/20172:002:303:003:304:004:305:00All Results
25/08/20172:152:503:253:554:305:005:35All Results
15/08/20172:152:453:153:454:154:455:15All Results
03/08/20175:356:106:407:157:458:158:45All Results
25/07/20172:002:303:003:304:004:305:005:30All Results
17/07/20172:152:453:153:454:155:155:45All Results
22/06/20176:106:407:107:408:108:409:10All Results
01/06/20176:006:307:007:308:008:309:00All Results
27/05/20176:006:307:007:308:008:309:00All Results
09/05/20172:202:503:203:504:204:50All Results
16/04/20171:552:252:553:304:054:405:155:45All Results
09/04/20172:152:453:203:554:305:005:30All Results
19/03/20172:002:303:003:354:104:455:15All Results
01/03/20172:202:503:203:504:204:50All Results
19/02/20172:202:503:203:504:204:50All Results