Bangor-on-dee Racecourse

Bangor-on-Dee is set within the glorious Welsh countryside overlooked by picturesque Welsh hills, near Wrexham in Wales.

It is a left handed National Hunt course and the first race took place at Bangor on Dee in February 1859 and little modernisation has taken place since as it is the only racecourse in the United Kingdom that does not yet have a grandstand, which adds to the charm of the venue.

Since 2006 the course has also played host to amateur Point-to-Point races which are ran by local hunts, these races are ran on the inside of the main track. It holds races throughout the year (at least one per month) and generally has 16 race meetings a year.

The ground has been a successful course for 2010 Sports Personality of the Year, Tony McCoy recently and he has firmly installed himself as the top jockey for the course. It has also been a place of good fortune for trainers Jonjo O┬┤Neill and Donald McCain Jnr.

Address: Bangor-On-Dee Racecourse Office, Bangor-On-Dee, nr Wrexham, Clwyd LL13 ODA. web site:

Jumps: A Left-hand, circular course of one mile and three furlongs, undulating in places with three sharp bends. Nine fences per circuit, two in straight with a run-in of 325 yards.

Road: 5m SE of Wrexham off the B5069. On A525 between Wrexham and Whitchurch  Parking: Free
Rail: Wrexham Stn (Free bus service to course)

Past Results
DateRacesMeeting Result
18/05/20191:402:152:503:254:004:355:105:45All Results
26/04/20194:405:105:406:156:507:207:50All Results
13/04/20191:452:152:453:203:554:305:055:40All Results
23/03/20191:402:152:503:254:004:355:10All Results
08/01/20191:101:402:152:503:253:55All Results
14/12/201811:5012:251:001:352:102:453:20All Results
01/12/201812:2012:551:302:002:353:103:45All Results
14/11/201812:451:201:502:252:553:304:00All Results
30/10/20181:051:352:102:403:153:45All Results
11/10/20181:452:152:503:203:504:255:00All Results
03/10/20182:202:553:254:004:305:05All Results
31/08/20181:502:202:553:304:054:40All Results
20/08/20185:406:106:407:107:408:10All Results
03/08/20181:302:002:353:103:454:204:50All Results
05/06/20182:002:303:003:304:004:30All Results
19/05/20181:402:152:503:254:004:355:10All Results
21/04/20181:352:102:453:203:554:305:005:35All Results
24/03/20181:402:152:503:254:004:355:10All Results
09/02/20181:402:102:453:203:504:254:55All Results
04/01/20181:151:452:152:503:203:55All Results
15/12/201712:0012:351:101:452:202:553:30All Results
02/12/201712:251:001:352:052:403:153:45All Results
15/11/201712:401:101:452:202:503:203:55All Results
31/10/201712:551:252:002:303:053:354:10All Results
04/10/20172:102:453:153:504:204:55All Results
01/09/20172:002:353:103:454:154:50All Results
16/08/20175:506:206:507:207:508:20All Results
04/08/20171:302:002:353:103:454:204:50All Results
08/06/20172:202:503:203:504:204:50All Results
20/05/20171:552:303:053:404:154:505:20All Results
22/04/20172:002:353:103:454:204:555:25All Results
25/03/20171:402:152:503:254:004:355:10All Results
10/02/20171:502:202:503:203:554:255:00All Results
23/01/20171:502:202:503:203:504:20All Results
03/01/20171:151:452:202:503:203:50All Results