Trainer Form

The list below represents the form of the top 100 trainers for the last 14 days, including profit and loss based on a 1 unit stake.

W Haggas3661317%-20.14
R Hughes294514%-8.65
C Hills415412%-18.00
H Morrison182311%-11.84
N Mulholland192311%-10.76
E Vaughan91311%-6.33
M Johnston7991211%-39.47
M Appleby293410%-17.75
S bin Suroor182711%-12.33
J Bolger34369%-13.50
K Burke36368%-10.25
A Whillans13128%-8.25
J Osborne13138%-9.25
D O'Meara474109%-29.79
Mrs A Perrett12118%-7.25
H Rogers13158%-9.25
D Ivory18126%-7.00
I Williams16166%-12.75
P Kirby16146%-14.00
A Carroll31246%-14.50
M Botti16126%-11.75
T Easterby71597%-35.00
Mrs J Harrington33296%-17.50
M Dods292117%-20.57
J P O'Brien42255%-32.50
J Fanshawe21175%-17.25
S Kirk19115%-12.00
Mrs R Carr24154%-18.00
E Walker27174%-20.00
M Channon39193%-35.63
D Lanigan7010%-7.00
Mrs C Dunnett7000%-7.00
Miss L Russell7000%-7.00
J Wainwright8000%-8.00
J Moore8010%-8.00
Miss D O'Shea8010%-8.00
T Clover8010%-8.00
D Pipe8010%-8.00
Miss G Kelleway7010%-7.00
T McCourt7010%-7.00
Miss T Waggott7010%-7.00
J Jenkins7010%-7.00
M Keighley7010%-7.00
Tony Coyle6010%-6.00
L Carter6000%-6.00
P Niven6020%-6.00
W Burke6000%-6.00
S Mahon6010%-6.00
S Fahey6010%-6.00
Mrs L Williamson6000%-6.00
Mrs A Duffield6010%-6.00
Mrs L Mongan6010%-6.00
S C Williams6000%-6.00
J Weymes6000%-6.00
Mike Murphy6020%-6.00
D Brown6010%-6.00
J Nicholson7020%-7.00
J Barrett6040%-6.00
G Harris6000%-6.00
Shaun Harris6000%-6.00
Mrs H Main6010%-6.00
J Hanlon8020%-8.00
A Mullins7020%-7.00
D Menuisier9030%-9.00
W Knight12010%-12.00
B Smart12020%-12.00
M Saunders13020%-13.00
J Tuite12030%-12.00
H Dunlop11000%-11.00
P Neville11070%-11.00
B Powell11000%-11.00
P Rothwell11010%-11.00
B Meehan13000%-13.00
C Fellowes13020%-13.00
W McCreery15020%-15.00
E De Giles15000%-15.00
D Simcock28070%-28.00
J Goldie14010%-14.00
M Tregoning14040%-14.00
A Slattery14010%-14.00
J Boyle14010%-14.00
J Walsh10020%-10.00
P Fahy10010%-10.00
Richard Guest9030%-9.00
M Madgwick9010%-9.00
M D O'Callaghan9010%-9.00
D Griffiths8000%-8.00
A West8000%-8.00
S Durack8020%-8.00
R Bastiman8010%-8.00
M Tompkins9000%-9.00
M W Easterby9000%-9.00
T Mullins10020%-10.00
J S Mullins10030%-10.00
M Blanshard10020%-10.00
T Cleary10000%-10.00
D Shaw9000%-9.00
A Leahy9020%-9.00
R Price9030%-9.00
Richard Spencer8020%-8.00
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