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Most people who have gone to the races are familiar with the Tote. Quite simply the tote is a pool of all the money bet from which winners are paid. This is very different to the regular bookmakers who offer specific prices on an event.

The tote is very good for the big payout bets such as jackpots and they have a number of such type bets, in some respects it's a bit like the national lottery betting but on horse racing.

It is important to point out that Totesport also has a fixed odds product which is exactly the same as the other major bookmakers known as totesport but for the purposes of this review we are concentrating on the tote pool bets.

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Tote Betting Types

There are a number of very popular tote pool bets which we will explain in the following paragraphs. All of these bets are multiple type bets and require you the punter to come up with the winner or placed horses in the relevant races.

For each of the tote pool bets highlighted there is an excellent tutorial provided on the totesport website. In addition the site also provides an excellent section which provides all the latest returns for most of these bet types.

So if you're a fan of say the toteplacepot, the totesport site is a must. It is important to point out that you can bet for a win and a place on the tote also.

Tote Scoop6

Tote Scoop6 BettingThe Scoop6 is a very popular Saturday bet which features 6 live races and you have to pick the winner in each of the races. For as little as a £2 bet you can stand the chance to win a life time changing amount on the scoop6. Every time the scoop7 isn't one it rolls over onto the next week and when the weeks go by without a winner the potential winnings go well into six figures! In 2006 £2 punter Agnes Haddock became the first totescoop6 millionaire when she correctly guessed all six winners of the scoop6 and followed up to win the bonus fund a week later.

Tote Scoop6 Betting Guide

Tote Jackpot

Tote JackpotThis is one of the most popular tote bets. What you need to do is pick the winner of all 6 totejackpot races, as highlighted on before racing starts. The tote select one race meeting a day, seven days a week to be the jackpot race. You then need to successfully pick the winner of each of the first six races on the card to win the Jackpot. Like the scoop6, the win fund rolls over everytime it isn't won. During racing festivals such as Cheltenham and Royal Ascot the jackpot win fund has rolled over into the millions in the past!

Tote Jackpot Betting Guide

Tote Placepot

Tote PlacepotThe toteplacepot requires you to pick a placed horse in each of the 6 placepot legs and is available for every UK race meeting. It's a lot of fun and can offer big rewards with average returns to a £1 stake of £460*. The tote have a special offer running on this bet at present where if you stake £10 or more on a toteplacepot bet and they will return 5% of the value of your total stake if your bet wins or even if it loses! The toteplacepot has been dubbed 'racing's favourite bet' due to the fact that you can bet on the placepot at any race in the UK. It's also very popular with small staking punters as for just a couple of pounds the return can be huge. You also have an interest in all of the races, until your selections lose that is!

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Tote Quadpot

Tote QuadpotThe tote quadpot is just a small variation to the tote placepot but only applies to legs 3-6 of the race meeting. This gives you a chance to play of the last couple of races if your tote placepot bet goes down early. Simply select a horse to finish placed in each of the selected races. If you want to hedge your bets you can pick more than one horse in any of the races but as a result your stake increases in line with your selection. The betting teminology for this is to 'perm' your bet, in that you're betting on a number of permeations of the result. This is common place in all totepool multiple bets, with groups of people pooling their money together to get as many permeations of result and bring down the odds of winning.

Tote Quadpot Betting

Tote Trifecta

Tote TrifectaUnlike the bets above, the totetrifecta is a bet placed on just one race. Select the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in correct order in a race of 8 or more runners as nominated by totesport. Totesport will provide a number of races where the totetrifecta is available to bet on. It's a tough bet to get right as it's difficult enough guessing the winner! However, this kind of bet is popular when the field has a very strong favourite and you're looking to get a bit more value for your bet rather than just backing the favourite at a short price.

Tote Trifecta Betting

Tote Exacta

Tote ExactaThe toteexacta is a little less difficult as you are only picking the first and second in the race. Once again this is a very popular bet especially where there is a very short priced favourite in a race. This bet is essentially the same as the computer straight forecast you can bet on a race with any bookmaker, the difference being that the odds will be dependant on how much money has gone into the pool.

Tote Exacta Betting

Tote Swinger

Tote SwingerThe totesswinger bet is one of the newer totepool bets, where you can pick two horses to finish in the first three places. If you can't make your mind up who will win you can hedge your bets with this totepool bet and back them both to finish in the top three. In the past this bet has been a very popular bet within South African horse racing and time will tell whether it will catch on in the UK. One thing is for sure, it's another one of many totepool bets you can place on horse racing!

Tote Swinger Betting

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