Sligo Racecourse

Sligo Racecourse

Sligo racecourse is situated between the mountains of Benbulben and Knocknarea and is one of the most picturesque courses in Ireland. 

Traditionally, racing has taken place around Sligo since 1781, but due to political unrest meetings were few and far between back then.  It moved to a site at Hazelwood until 1942, but moved to its current location of Cleveragh in 1955 where it holds both national hunt and flat racing.

Its right-handed course is currently one mile in length and has a steady incline to the finish finding out non-stayers.

Sligo really gains momentum in August as racegoers venture on from the seven-day Galway festival to Sligo, where they hold an array of competitive meetings.

Address: Cleveragh, Sligo, Co Sligo, Ireland

Flat: A right-handed course.

Road: Situated at Cleveragh, 1km from Sligo town centre just off Pearse Road. 212kms from Dublin, 142km from Galway  Parking: FREE
Rail: Dublin (Connolly Station) to Sligo
Air: Strandhill (10km) and Knock (56km). Helicopter landing available if arranged in advance

Past Results
DateRacesMeeting Result
22/08/20175:205:506:206:507:207:508:20All Results
10/08/20175:306:056:407:107:408:158:45All Results
09/08/20175:255:556:256:557:257:55All Results
16/07/20171:502:252:553:304:054:355:10All Results
28/09/20162:052:353:053:354:104:455:15All Results
04/08/20165:306:006:357:107:458:208:55All Results
03/08/20166:006:307:007:308:008:309:00All Results
10/07/20162:252:553:304:054:355:105:45All Results
28/06/20166:006:307:007:308:008:309:00All Results
23/05/20165:255:556:256:557:257:558:258:55All Results
01/05/20162:202:553:304:054:405:105:40All Results
30/09/20152:152:453:153:504:254:555:25All Results
18/08/20154:555:306:006:307:007:308:008:30All Results
06/08/20155:356:056:407:157:508:208:50All Results
12/07/20152:252:553:304:054:405:155:45All Results
15/06/20156:006:307:007:308:008:309:00All Results
20/05/20156:006:307:007:308:008:309:00All Results
03/05/20152:202:553:304:054:405:105:40All Results
01/10/20142:453:153:504:254:555:255:55All Results
19/08/20144:505:205:506:206:507:207:508:20All Results
07/08/20145:356:106:457:207:508:208:50All Results
06/08/20145:306:006:307:007:308:008:30All Results
13/07/20142:553:254:004:305:005:306:00All Results
17/06/20145:456:206:507:207:508:208:50All Results
21/05/20146:006:307:007:308:008:309:00All Results
04/05/20142:353:053:404:154:505:255:55All Results
21/08/20125:105:406:106:407:107:408:10All Results
09/08/20125:356:056:357:107:458:158:45All Results
08/08/20125:356:106:407:107:408:108:40All Results
15/07/20122:252:553:253:554:254:555:255:55All Results
19/06/20125:506:206:507:207:508:208:50All Results
23/05/20125:406:106:407:107:408:108:40All Results
06/05/20122:403:103:404:154:505:255:55All Results
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