Galway Racecourse

The racecourse at Galway Races is located on the outskirts of Galway city, in the West of Ireland. The course is a right handed track that is 1 mile and 2 furlongs with an uphill finish of 2 furlongs. The track consists of 6 hurdle and 7 fences and holds both flat and national hunt racing.

The racecourse holds 12 race meetings per year. The standout event is the Galway Races festival which is a seven-day summer festival held in July and it is the longest (in duration) race meeting held in either the United Kingdom or Ireland, Two of the standout races of the festival are the Guinness Galway Handicap Hurdle which is a Grade A race that has a purse of over €130,000 and the Galway Plate which is a handicap chase with a purse of over €100,000 on offer.

There is a draw advantage (a very slight one) for low numbers in races of 7 furlongs in duration.

The top two jockeys that have raced here at Galway over the last few seasons are the flat champion jockey Pat Smullen and Declan McDonogh. The top trainers here are Dermot Weld and Aidan O’Brien.

Address: Ballybrit, Galway, Co Galway, Ireland

Flat: Right-handed track with a steep uphill finish.

Road: 80km NW of Limerick and 217km W of Dublin.Traffic updates on 96.8 Galway Bay FM during festival week
Rail: Regular service to Galway from many regions including Dublin. Bus service runs from station to track
Air: Galway. Helicopter landing available if arranged in advance

Past Results
DateRacesMeeting Result
31/10/20161:251:552:252:553:253:554:30All Results
30/10/20161:101:452:202:503:253:554:25All Results
11/10/20162:252:553:254:004:305:005:30All Results
06/09/20164:254:555:255:556:256:557:25All Results
05/09/20164:355:055:356:056:357:057:35All Results
31/07/20162:152:453:203:554:305:005:306:00All Results
30/07/20162:403:153:504:255:005:356:05All Results
29/07/20165:105:456:156:507:258:008:30All Results
28/07/20161:502:253:003:304:054:455:256:00All Results
27/07/20163:003:354:104:455:306:056:407:10All Results
26/07/20165:155:456:156:507:207:508:20All Results
25/07/20165:155:456:156:507:207:508:20All Results
26/10/20151:251:552:303:003:354:104:45All Results
25/10/20151:302:052:353:053:354:054:40All Results
09/09/20154:305:005:306:056:357:057:35All Results
08/09/20154:254:555:255:556:256:557:25All Results
07/09/20154:355:055:356:056:357:057:35All Results
02/08/20152:152:453:203:554:305:005:306:00All Results
01/08/20152:403:153:504:255:005:356:05All Results
31/07/20155:105:456:156:507:258:008:30All Results
30/07/20151:502:203:003:304:054:455:256:00All Results
29/07/20153:003:354:104:455:306:056:407:10All Results
28/07/20155:155:456:156:507:207:508:20All Results
27/07/20155:155:456:156:507:207:508:20All Results
27/10/20141:352:052:353:053:354:054:35All Results
26/10/20141:251:552:303:053:404:154:45All Results
10/09/20144:305:005:306:006:307:007:30All Results
09/09/20144:154:455:205:506:206:507:20All Results
08/09/20144:355:055:356:056:357:057:35All Results
03/08/20142:152:453:203:554:305:005:306:00All Results
02/08/20142:353:103:454:204:555:255:55All Results
01/08/20145:105:406:156:507:257:558:25All Results
31/07/20141:502:203:003:404:154:555:356:05All Results
30/07/20143:003:354:104:455:306:056:407:10All Results
29/07/20145:055:356:056:407:107:458:15All Results
28/07/20145:105:406:106:457:157:458:15All Results
29/10/20121:352:052:353:053:354:054:35All Results
28/10/20121:352:102:403:103:404:104:40All Results
12/09/20123:554:255:005:306:056:357:05All Results
11/09/20124:054:355:055:356:056:357:05All Results
10/09/20124:355:055:356:056:357:05All Results
05/08/20122:152:453:203:554:255:005:306:00All Results
04/08/20122:253:003:304:004:305:005:35All Results
03/08/20125:105:406:156:507:257:558:25All Results
02/08/20121:502:253:003:354:104:505:306:05All Results
01/08/20123:003:354:104:455:256:006:357:10All Results
30/07/20124:004:305:005:356:106:407:10All Results
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